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Cleft lip and palate

Hi all,

Notice that there are few mom's who use this page but wanted to say that if anyone on here is concerned about cleft lip and palate in their child then please feel free to contact me, my lad was born with it 7 years ago and has had two op's so far and is doing brilliantly! I am more than a little proud of him and wanted to let other mom's know that although it can be a shock there is nothing to stop the children from going on to lead normal and happy lives!!


  • hi i have 2 sons who were born with a bilaterial cleft lip and palate was wondering if you would like to chat take care karen xxxxx
  • My friends little girl was born with bilateral cleft and palate - she had her gum set back in place at the beginning of the year (she's 10 in August) and is doing brilliantly image
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