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my daughter has cronic urcita

my 2 year old daughter has allergies one of them called cronic urcita and its triggered by water it does not harm or hurt her in anyway but brings her out in hives and rashes when her skin gets wet ie bath swimming ect, when i take her swimming i feel that people stare at her as if she has something wrong!she has medication to help relive it but some times does not always work that well. sorry just had to clear my chest a little!!


  • Hello Faithlouise, sorry to bother you as I appreciate your post was ages ago but I came accross it and it sounds like exactly the thing I have been pestering the doctors over for years. My daughter is constantly fobbed off as having eczema and dry skin, but it's not caused by any allergy or detergant so far as I can tell. It occurs every time she comes in contact with water. Just plain water cause her skin to go red and inflammed. She developes itchy big red bumps and cries from how it itches her. I feel terrible because she needs to bath sometimes but just plain water is what triggers it. Every doctor I have seen looks at me like I'm nuts and tells me stop using soaps but I am terrified to use anything because the water makes it so bad I worry it will just get worse. Do you have any suggestions or advice? And thank you for posting this, it makes me feel less crazy.
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