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I must be 2nd! Mum to Cameron who is Downs

hi everyone

im 39 weeks pregnant and a bloods came back high chance baby could have downs...havent gone for amnio so dont know but have been reading messages...dont know what else to say cos dont know answers yet thanks


  • hi kirstz :\) first of all.. congrats on the nesw of baby! :\) fingers crossed everything is fine for your baby but if baby does have downs you need to know that we'll be here for you... remember just because the bloods came back as a high risk doesn't mean to say it will be, take care and let us know how you get on... when is your due date? :\) xxx
  • Hi wenders thanks ever so much for reply:

    Im due next thursday 15/02/07: cant wait for baby to come and im excited either way..thanks for support cos its great to know people are there...let you know (post reply) when lo comes!! take care kirsti
  • hi everyone, i am sorry i have not been on here for so long but we have not had the best of times. we had wonderful news when we went for our babys heart scan at 18 weeks as we were told that there was nothing obviously wrong with her heart and as far as all were concerned it was normal. we had 2 blissful weeks thinking that the worst was over as we were told that the biggest health problem for downs babies is heart problems. however at our 20 week scan we were unfortunately told that our baby had a piece of her brain missing (partial agenesis of the vermis) which is almost unheard of and as a result she would have been very poorly. based on this we made the agonising decision to deliver her a few days later. against all the odds lucy mae was born alive weighing 10.5 oz and survived for 5.5hrs all on her own. she was so peaceful and so perfect. apparently her downs syndrome was apparent even at such a short gestation and the midwives believe she would have been on the worst end of the spectrum.. noone can believe she survived let alone for so long so it all seems a bit ironic as the one thing that can be wrong with downs babies is the one thing our little girl must have had a good one of - her heart. it is really hard having nothing to come home with and i am sorry to send such terrible news. i hope you are all well and keeping well. treasure those little babes you have - they are all so special. xx
  • oh honey :\( how you feeling about it all now? (((((((big hugs going your way))))))) take care xx
  • hi wenders, to be honest i haven't felt too bad this week. i feel so sad obviously but it doesn't seem to be all consuming as it was last week. there was a real desperate need to do something last week but i still have no idea what. sounds daft hey? i just wish lucy was still with us and it is hard to think i would have been 24 weeks now. it's funny how these awful things change your perspective on life though. my husband pranged the car and our washer broke down (emma decided to have a sickness bug a few days later when we didn't have it!!) but it just pailed into insignificance. worse things really do happen. how are you doing anyway? hope things are good and you are all well. xx
  • I'm glad things are slightly better... we're here if you need us.. xxx xxx

    I've been living day to day at the mo... the stress of things happening again with this pregnancy it becoming more real... I'm 27 weeks now and it was around this time when I was pregnant with daniel that he had his stroke. so I think when I get to around 34 ish weeks I'll feel a bit better. going for scan next week so that should be ok...

    take care xxxxxx
  • hi wendy, how did your scan go? i hope everything went well for you and your baby is ok. i hope you and daniel are doing well too and you are resting as much as possible - yeah right, i hear you say. second time round you have got to be kidding hey? take care of yourselves.
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