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Physio Visit

Hi All,

Just thought i'd give you all an update on my little Emily. We had Physio for the first time last Tuesday & a few things came out of it! Well, she is hypermobile (which i knew they were going to come out with) so some things will be taking a lot longer as she has really low muscle tone. Also, i have always knew there is something wrong with her feet...they are really really small & really fat...i have mentioned this to the HV nearly every other week for 8 months but she just said ''they're cute''...hmmmm! well it turns out she has talipes & her ankle & knees are really weak! she'll have to wear the boots & bar at night for about 2 - 3 years to correct well as physio.
I'm really really peeed off about this...not because it's something wrong with her (we'll deal with that) but that i got fobbed off so many times when it's something that should have been dealt with at birth!!!!
Also, they are testing her for turner syndrome!! lets hope it's not that...but like i said you somehow find yourself saying, ok, we'll deal with it!!
Hope you ladies & babys are all doing well
x x


  • Oh hun, I'm so sorry that you have been fobbed off and only just got this diagnosis now, I always say mums know best if there is a problem, trouble is trying to convince the proffesionals of the same. Will keep everything crossed for you that you get the results you want and that its not turners syndrome, but like you say, you will cope, we all do xxxx
  • It's like a revelation when someone starts to list things isn't it, you know something isn't right, but when a professionl starts telling you what they can see it freaks you out but you get annoyed aswell as you feel someone should have listened to you before.

    We've been tested for so many things that have come to nothing so I hope that's the case for you with the Turner Syndrome tests, but as you say you will cope with it whatever they find, take any help that is offered and don't be frightened to ask for help either.

    Paul's hypermibility is basically caused by his low muscle tone as the muscles are not strong enough to hold the joints together properly and I'm the same. It does improve with physio, Paul has come on in leaps and bounds, he was only just sitting up on his own at about 12 months and still had poor head controll as he would hit the floor really hard if he fell from sitting as his trunk and neck were so weak, he's 24 months now and he's walking round the house, and short distances outside it's amazing, he even dragged a shopping bag in for me today it only had a baby outfit in but it was such an achievement I almost cried laughing it was so cute.

    hope things go well anyway and keep in touch x x x
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