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not what I thought

sorry guys just need to let off steam a bit. gutted about a recent test Paul has had.

Paul has had another Video Fluroscopy (can't spell) live x-ray of swallow, he had one last year which showed everthing was safe, although I wasn't confident as I breast fed so sitting up in their little chair was a totally new experience for him and seemingly he did very well,

we have been using thickened fluids since Paul was about 11 months just as a precaution as he did often caugh and splutter with some drinks but we'va had another x-ray and it shows that he is silently aspirating non thickened fluids (going down the wrong way withought even caughing) and I'm gutted.

I hadn't ever really liked using the thickener althought Paul is used to it now, and now it looks like he'll use them for at least another year until maybe we get another review. he is also not doing as well with solid food as I first thought, his swallow is quite unco-ordinated, I mean it could be worse I just hadn't thought it would be negative result he's been doing so well.

i wonder if anyone else's lo has thickened fluids. does it cause chest infections or what I don't really fully understand what it could mean. I know it's not great if there's a build up of fluid on the lungs, and that if it was milk there'dbe more risk of bacteria infections but is this the sort of thing it can cause, and like pneumonia and things?


  • hi, i can partially sympatise with you in some sense. my son zac has had several swallow studies but they found he wasn't aspirating after they'd done a fundo op to stop his reflux, as it was only when he refluxed that it showed it spilled over. he was still getting chest infectioons and aspiration pneumonias and they found he had a hole between the two pipes. i did find a good article (i'll post link at end) that explains what effect different types of food have on the lungs when aspirated. milk can causes chest infections but acidic and fatty foods were the worst.
    my friend 18month old has to have thickened drinks and food otherwise she aspirates. her drinks look like wall paper paste and food almost concrete, she enjoys her food but sometimes when she's tired she gets uncoordinated and aspirates and gets chest infection.
    not been much help i know but i thought you may like to read the article. it took me weeks to find something that made any sense.
  • thanks for your reply robynsmummy sorry it's so long after but BE wasn't showing that anyone had replied to my post :\? never mind

    the link was really really helpful thanks for that, I am going to refer to in in our next reveiw as I know my lo had reflux when he was little and I wonder whether this could still be affecting him as it seems this would be the most dangerous.

    Paul's water looks like wallpaper paste, I hate it as it still seems grainy to me I can't imagine it quenching his thirst but hey it's for the best I know. he does manage some normal foods not always blended like soft spaghetti or pasta and other things like toast and banana but I've been advised to keep him on a soft diet now

    thanks again for your post much appreciated

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