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Failing to thrive

:\?My 14 month old has gone from 91st centile to 9th. He's a third child , so don't usually pay much attention to graphs but this seems a huge drop. I was told that he had giardia which is a parasite infection. He has been treated for this but whilst he is slightly more alert, he still sleeps loads 2 to 3 sleeps a day and 12 hours at night. He never seems to get hungry either. Will eat when I give it him though. This just dosen't seem normal (hate that word) Does anyone else have a child with these problems.:\?


  • Well my little man doesnt have those problems but he does sleep alot. he normally goes down from 7pm-8.30am than nap 10.30-12.00 then another nap or two in the afternoon for atleat an hour and a half total. His also not a real eater.So maybe once your little obe has recovered from the illness he will start to put the weigh back on? xx
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