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Child With Severe Food Allergys

I have a little boy with severe food allergies and has had 9 anaphylaxis shocks. I don't know if anybody is going through this. He is currently on a formular of Neocate which he lives on. Because he has so many allergies its hard to to find products for him, he has hipp organic bannana cerial for breckfast, for lunch he has peter rabbit rice pasta and Hipp pudding smooth peach for desert. He can't have any Dairy, Wheat, Soya, Citrus, Nuts, Eggs, Latex, Fish and the list goes on if anyone is in this situation I would love to hear from you.
Thank You.


  • Hi

    My heart goes out to you x x x

    My son suffers from anaphylaxis but only to all nuts which I thought was bad enough but is nothing compared with your son. He is now almost 9 and copes really well, but it was hard work at first. Have you tried contacting the Anaphylaxis Campaign and Allergy UK, they can sometimes put you in contact with people and support groups in your area. Have you been refered to a specialist?

    Sorry I haven't been much help. I hope that your son's condition improves.

    Kind regards

    Kirsten x x
  • hi, can't really offer much support as my daughter only has lactose and milk protein allergy. she's 3 now and is slowly growing out of it.
    if you contact cow and gate they do a wonderful allergy cook book called "meal appeal" it's free and very informative, you can also change ingrediants to suit your lo's allergy but it gives some good ideas. neocate also have a "weaning guide" to download which is full of recipes they use neocate in their recipes but i noticed your lo has that milk so may be easy for you to make recipes. my son has it so that recipe book really helps. it's not just weaning recipes either it has toddler meals and allegy advice.
    hope it's some help to you.
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