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fao all the ladys posting on dvm

im after some advice my 3rd lo is just over 5 weeks and doesnt stare or seem to try to focus on any thing.
she was born at 37+2 my question really is when did you notice somthing wasnt right.she seems to sleep more than my other 2. iv tried to startle her by moving my hands towards her face quickly but it doesnt work
am i over reacting


  • Have you spoken to your HV or GP about it? You should be having 6 week check very soon so maybe thats a good time to mention it.
  • saw her on monday shes concerned about how much she sleeps and iv got my 6 week check a week today she will be closer to 7 weeks tho i think she was looking at us last night im not sure tho
  • how much does she sleep? Does she wake for feeds and does she cry when she's hungry? Can she follow you or something you hold at your arm's length away from her face if you move it slowly?

    I'm sure they will give her a good check over when you go in, best to see what she can do so you can answer some of their questions knowing the answer rather than guessing a bit, I find when I'm put on the spot with a question it takes me ages to figure out whether he can or can't do something
  • Hi sorry I've only just seen this, I'm not sure how often most of us get on here but I'll give you my story.
    I'd sort of felt something was up from birth ????but it was 6/8weeks I got my diagnosis for zachariah.I'd asked my hv who quite frankly was useless so went through the dr who referred us on. I'd felt he never 'looked' at any of us and feeding when you're supposed to bond his eyes were sort of looking where my elbow was. Sleep wasn't really an issue, I think ????he had trouble sleeping and cried a lot (I had to leave a lamp on and hold him to calm him) but I don't know that he slept more than any other newborn. It's quite difficult to remember the early days as he's now 2.5yrs ????but I know we were early to spot the problem- you're the mum and sometimes you just know. I'd think seeing as she's your third you'd also be more aware as well.????
    If you have any qns feel free to ask away, I will now know to look out for this topic and will check in. Hope you manage to get looked at soon to either put your mind at rest or begingetting the additional help she'll need, take care x????
  • thanks ladys sho only tends to wake to eat and she does cry for food tho she has been waking a little bit more i jut cant decide if she looks at us or not most the time it like she looking through us but every now and then i think she i looking at us maybe just being paraniod
  • Looking through you, that's how I felt, there'd be no harm in getting her checked out, forgive me for being rusty on time scales but have you tried seeing if she'll track an object? Does she look at her hands? Can she smile? Copy expressions? If you held a light to the side would she look towards it?
    They will do abasic sight test at the hv check and probably pick up anything that appears unusual. Good luvk
  • Oops just reread she's 5weeks, I thunk probably the acknowledging light would be the test to watch at that stage -sorry
  • just a little update the doc seemed happy with her eyes but im still not convinced shes 8 weeks now and its very hard to get her attention but she does look at the tv also she still sleeps most of the day and night but that could be cause she has chicken pox lol
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