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well my lo has started walking bless him he's falling all over the place and doesn't put his arms out AT ALL to stop himself smacking down on the floor but he's so determind and coming on lovely.

just thought I'd share, I'm so pround of him.


  • Ahh bless him, well done Paul, you are such a little star!! Chriss thats fantastic news you must be so proud, I know I was and Isaac was 19 months when he walked, if its any consolation he still doesnt put his hands out to stop himself either.
  • haha ahh it's tight isn't it, I know i didn't either my mum thought i was always putting my hands in my pockets so she would sew them up but we know know it is very common in people with muscle disorders/problems

  • That's such fantastic news!!!! Well done Paul!!!
  • well done paul. funny you mention about hands in pockets, my joshua did this alot when he was small. explains alot. x
  • Lydia is walking on her own!!! She walked after 5 weeks of trying and trying again and today walked down the aisle in the pet shop!!! Hee hee!!!!!
  • yaaay fantastic news, well done Lydia!
  • It's amazing to watch her. She still is very stilted when she walks but it's just so ace to see her actually do it all on her own. I am one of the world's proudest Mummies!!!!!

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