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Anyone deal with adult autism.

As you will have read from my other topic,i have a 171/2 year old son with severe autism.

Things are going ok and i just take each day as it comes. He can be a right handful but we get bye.

Anyway, Luke has started to slap his sisters. I signed naughty and no to him and gave him a tap on the hand.
He has done this the odd time before and i have done the same,he even caught me on the back of the neck one time and it did come a little bit keen as he is a strapping lad. 6foot tall.

I want to nip this in the bud before it gets regular,i hope it was just a one of with his sisters.

Any advice would really help.

Thanks, jayne.x :\)


  • Hello jayne4.
    I have a cousin, 32, and well over 6ft with a similar thing. He has no verbal communication....well very little comunication altogether really. He sometimes get's 'slap happy' as his Mum calls it. Nobody has really been able to stop him from doing it, its like a fase he goes through. The only punishment that really seems to work for him is to send him to his room for a period of time, put him back if he leaves the room before his time is up and do it each and every time he slaps someone. My thoughts are with you, you are not alone. Good luck. X X X

  • Thanks Kerry21.

    I shall have to try that with Luke, He hasnt been to bad at all this week.
    He has been enjoying school and going swimming,so he is tired,bless him. He has a hard day at school. :lol:

    love jayne.x :\)
  • Hi Jayne, My brother is 20, nearly 6ft and 12stone!! He has ADHD and Autism amongst other special needs, and also has a foul temper. He finds it hard to express himself due to lack of vocabulary and understanding his feelings, for example, one day he arrived home from college and stomped up to his room without saying anything, and threw everything he could down the stairs (not AT anyone, but just in temper). When he ran out of items, he stripped off, one piece of clothing at a time, and got frustrated when they didn't make an impact. The reason for this? He'd been told off at college and wasn't allowed to play football in the next tournament!
    Speech therapy really helps. The other things my mum does is dock time from his TV time, or off his bedtime which he hates. As you'll know Autistic kids like routine, and the repetition of the same music/tv programmes etc, so docking his tv time means he can't watch Dr Who/football or whatever. He does occasionally get sent to his room to cool off... We're quite lucky as he's much better behaved now, but was about Lukes age when his moods were variable! I remember him attacking me one day for attention. I would suggest NOT slapping him back, as if he's like my bro, he won't understand. You don't say, but I assume his sisters are younger? Maybe you can explain to them NOT to react, but to come to you...?
    And just another theory-is he going through puberty? My bro was a (very) late bloomer....
    Good luck x

  • Luke is just over 12 stone, Mrs V.

    He went through puberty when he was about 14. Since he was 15 i have had to shave him,now its every 2nd day. Very hairy,he is like a monkey,bless him. His sisters are younger, Sophie is 15 yrs old and was diagnoised with mild autism last year,and Bethanie is 14 yrs old.

    He does love his sisters to bits you can tell. He gets more wound up when he cant have his own way. I dont let him have his own way all the time,he is spoilt enough as it is.

    Luke has no speech except for "mum mum, no-no and on the odd time he said Da,what might of been for dad." He is in pads,and he is a runner,if he got out the door he would be off. I have to think for him,just like a baby and toilet him. He will show me what he wants,if i say"show me Luke" he will take my hand. He can just about dress himself,but not his socks, and i have to bathe him etc.

    I shall just have to see how he goes on,it seems to be his way of getting rid of his frustration when he cant have what he wants when he wants it.

    love jayne.x :\)
  • Hi there. I work as a speech and language therapist in a communication unit attached to a secondary school for kids with high-level ASD. I'm not sure how to handle this himself although I think it would be a confusing lesson for him to be physically hurt as a punishment for physically hurting others. Does your son have an educational psychologist who might be able to offer some behavioural advice? Failing that, the NHS provides advice through CAMHS sevices (child and adolescent mental health). Failing all of this, try voluntary organisations like the National Autistic Society. I'm sure they have a helpline and there must be lots of parents going through the same thing as you. All the best with it.X
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