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cleft plate

has anyone got this there self or a family member and had to have any test done why they was pregnant i have it and now having my 1st baby and was just wondering what they can do other than the cvs test to see if my baby will have it not that i would ever get rid or change the way i feel i would just like to no so i can be ready for my little one i dont want to have the needle in my belly as i don't want to put my baby at any risk no matter how little


  • hello abbielouise

    congratulations on your pregnancy.

    how far along are you? have you had any scans?

    i am currently 27+1 and at 22 weeks (approx - bit of a blur) at a scan it was picked up that my baby has a cleft lip and possible palate.

    from what I can gather the lip can only be picked up from a scan - not cvs or anmio. i did also have the anmio as cleft can me linked to other things (downs etc) so wanted to be sure what we were facing.

    I have also had a 4d scan which shows the cleft lip and also a cleft in the gum, but they are unable to say for definate regarding the palate - I think this is a common thing as they said the palate is so hard to tell through a scan so they rather wait until birth to give the full diagonis.

    hope this helps - this is all a bit new to me. I have had a few meetings with the cleft team at our hospital, so please ask if you have any questions - i will try to help.

    hope you and your bump are okay

    x x x
  • did you have it or anyone in your family also if you want to ask me anything your more than welcome to ive just been discharged from great orman street as i am now having a baby by the way if your baby goes here there the best place in the world i loved everything about that place all the best x

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  • hello abbielouise,

    no neither myself or my hubbie have it and as far as we are aware no one in our family - however our nurse said that if we trace backwards we will probably find a distant relative with it.

    we are in the west midlands so will be under birmingham childrens hospital - have been to see them and they are very reasuring.

    do you mind if I ask you a few questions please?

    is it just the cleft plate you had? did you have a wide cleft?

    did you have any speech or hearing issues? if so do you remember these being put right? as in do you remember the speech theraphy or were you too young?

    everything is very new too me and there is a lot to take in.

    how many weeks are you? have you requested a 4d scan? you may be able to see more and know for definate.

    hope everything is ok

    x x x
  • hello i have just the plate of the soft plate and i was the 1st in my family to get it but they told my mum it has to start some where i had both speech and hearing problems and dental to but all has been put right now i had speech therapy at school and at hosp before i could even talk it was like a play time with a teacher they made it into games and i remember enjoying it also my mum got the lesson to so she could teach me. my hearing got better when i had plate repair 1st time and also had gromits from 1st operation to when i was 13 i didn't no longer needed them i had brace to help my teeth as my jaw line is little than other so had some teeth taken out so it looks like it not over crowed but in all i would say that my time in hosp was a enjoyable time and would not change a thing every want to talk again or any more question im happy to talk to you

    also i went hosp today to see my constun and he said i will have my normal scan and if they pick up any little thing leading to think there may be a cleft there then going to give me a 3d scan so alls good xxx
  • hi ya abbie,

    ive requested you,

    im glad you had a positive time in when you were in hospital, and Im so glad everythign has been put right for you.

    im having a bit of a blip at the moment -there is so much to take in

    good news on yoru consultant and yoru 3d scan - keep me posted.

    we ahve a 2d scan at the hospital next thurs and then also a 3d scan - hope it will help seeing my little man again

  • im sure once your little man here in your arms your feel find in knowing he is going to be ok
  • same day as me for scan we can share our news together hope all goes well in yours and give little man a wave for me
  • thanks hun,

    good luck for your scan tomorrow. ill be thinking of you. ill pop on here later and let you know how we get on x x x
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