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Anyones baby had an operation?

Hi All

Ava is due an op early december (at 7 months) - Ladds procedure.

Just wondered if anyones baby had had an op and any words of advice re how it will work in hospital / what we can do to help her?



  • my baby had a biopsy at just over 3 months which was only a minor procedure really but it didn't feel like that at the time. Also he didn't have a general anasthetic he had a spinal block but it was much the same really, we had to get to the hospital very early (if they offer you a bed the night before I'd take it) they can't have anything to eat for about 4 hours or so before hand so be prepared for loads of playing to keep her mind off being hungry.

    We went to Alder Hey wich is a really good hospital but sometimes you do have to make sure you're prepared to ask questions as sometimes they are so busy they can forget what they've explained. I'm sure they will keep you well informed but it'll make you feel better if you just ask anything you're not sure of. The Anethetist should come and see you the morning of the op to discuss things, take this opportunity to ask as many questions as you want. they also come after the op too so again take the opportunity to ask questions as you'll feel more in controll.

    we took him down to theatre and then went down to collect him when it was all over.

    It was pretty good on the whole, you can't not worry but at least you know that's natural, I hope it all goes well x x x
  • Hi I'm so sorry your lo has to go in for an op and hope all goes well. My lo has not had an op but an MRI under general, we had to fast, which was hard on lo but easier than I thought as for most of the wait he slept. The aenethatist came to explain what would happen and allowed me to ask any qns. I was allowed to go with him to begin with. He was mtgs and put to sleep using gas. This meant I held him and they just held a tube close to his mouth to breathe in gas, once asleep I was to leave and they did the rest. I waited on the ward until he was brought to me. I was warned he could vomit although he didn't. He had a sore throat and his hand was sore from needle, he was a little clingy and very tired. There was nothing we could really do to help but I went with my mum and we just kept calm so he could feel us calm, I also had his blanket so the hospital smelt of home etc. You may want to take drinks and food for you while you wait as if like me, you probably won't want to leave his bedside. I know with an op aswell there'll be more things for ava but thought I'd add what I knew. They should have milk and food for her on ward when up to it, so you might want to check on that too. I'd take a blanket, warm clothes and if there's a fave toy that as well- just a few things that remind her of home image
    Good luck and hope all goes well x
  • Hi I really cannot give advice but just want to say thanks for the replies from the other ladies.

    My lil man is being admitted friday 27th nov so just 2 weeks tomorrow for his operation.

    George was born profoundly deaf and is having cochlear implants in both ears. He is 16 months and the op takes a minimum of 6-8 hours.

    I am pretrified. He had an mri at 6 months old and was put to sleep for thos but was only out fora maximum of an hour and I didnt find it as bad as an op wasnt involved he was also so young and luckily was already asleep when they put him asleep.

    This time I know we will be in hospital for 2-3 days and I am thinking of things to occupy him for the sat.

    I just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world xxxxx
  • Thanks girls - sorry for the delay. Ava had her op and has recovered well.... glad it is all behind us! x
  • Thanks girls - sorry for the delay. Ava had her op and has recovered well.... glad it is all behind us! x
  • hi glad all went well for your little one. My little girl is going in for an op as she has a dislocated hip. Im dreading it. We will be in for a week at least then she'll be in plaster for 6 weeks to 3 month. Poor baby she's not gonna have the best summer. It's going to be hard as Colbie is going to be 17 month wehn she goes in hospital and is use to been very active. Im dreading when she comes round from the operation to find she can't move. She's just to little to explain it to her. We have another little girl who is 3. It's going to be hard splitting ourselfs between the two of them and hard when we get home. Im sure Colbie will get through it fine. It'll be me thats the mess.

    Take care xx
  • hello
    i know its easier said than done, but try not to worry too much before hand,try and take it day by day. I won't lie, the whole experience was a horrid one for us as she had major abdominal surgery at 7 months but you really will be amazed at how resiliant these little ones are and how they bounce back! When we were in hospital there was a little boy there who'd been in traction for 6 months and his mummy was amazed at how he'd coped. I'm sure your little girl will come bouncing back and recover very quickly - I was surprised how quckly ava recovered x x
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