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young mums to premature or deaf babies??

hi im amber got a baby girl called ayesha i was 15 when i had her she was not known about so was born i DRI she was 13weeks early but is doing well she has a profound hearing loss due to being prem. any young mums get in touch xx


  • hiya amber im 17 and i am 23 weeks with my first but my mum was born premature and she is deaf my nan found it hardd but as long as you love her and got lots of support then you should be hard just coz she is deaf dont make her any different to any other baby you will be fine
  • hi thanks for replying she is the same as any other baby i know. just glad she a little fighter. xx:\)
  • yeah i just cant wait now only got 15 weeks to go are you home now and are you copping ok? i hope you are ok and baby is getting bigger x
  • hi im 22 and had my son at 24 weeks and it was very difficult but keep strong and take every day as it comes my son is now 14 months and fine so there is always a light at the end and i bet she is gorgeousx
  • hi i was 16 when i had jordan at 34 weeks he has adhd and autism. then at 20 had Levi at 32 weeks who is fine now im pregnant again with my third my doc said we are going to try for 30 weeks if not more this time. My dad was a twin and due to a delay in his birth he has cerebal palsy and is deaf so i have grew up with disability and know to a certain degree how you feel hope everything goes well
    Take care x x x x
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