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Milestone delay and weaning problems

Hi ladies.

Amelia was 5 weeks prem and after shaky start was fine. She is still exclusively bf and doing well. She is still petite but well.

She is my 5th and only premmie (one at 37 weeks) and I am noticiing a huge delay in her doing things that the others do. I am not overly worried and not comapring like some obsessesd mum...honest!!!!!!!!!! She at 6 months does not roll, does not sit up, does not like been on tummy etc.. she laughs, grabs, pincers, reaches for things and is bright as button in all other ways.

I am weaning her and really struggling. she will take one or 2 spoonfulls then thats it. i have tried everything...sweet, savoury, yoghurts, baby rice etc etc...

does all this sound OK to you with premmies???? she is on low centile if you plot her at actual age but on age adjusted hs is 25th centile for height, weight etc...

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  • Kara was almost 6 weeks early and she will be 1 next week. She never sat up until 9 months and has only started rolling about 1 month if even although she was going on as if she would have from about 4 months. She still hates her tummy so I don't think she will crawl. I think she will go straight to walking. She loves trying to walk at the minute which I am pleased with. As far as weaning goes I weaned her at 5 months and to be honest I never had any problems with her eating.
  • Hi dee dee

    Kenny was 7 weeks premature and is now 9 months. He has always been developing at his corrected age but some things he did earlier. All babies develop at different stages and try not to worry about Amelia she will do things in her own time.

    As for the weaning, Kenny was ok. Maybe she isnt that fussed about the solids yet but im sure she will start to enjoy it soon.

  • Hi Deedee
    How's the weaning going?
    She'll gradually learn to enjoy it.
    As for her development, i understand how you feel. Jordan could do some things at the right time and others a bit later. Whereas Levi caught up much quicker. Elise is developing at her corrected age of 5 months ( she is 8 months uncorrected).
    She hates being on her front and throws her arms and legs up like a parachutist and can't roll over yet either or sit up. She has to go back to the hospital in Dec and so we will see what happens.
    I'm sure they will do everything in their own time.
    Maria x
  • hi dee dee i dont have a preemie im just being nosey. but i hhad to reply as freya will be 6 months in a couple of days, she was born on her due date but she doesnt roll yet, hates being on her front and really dislikes almost all solid food, she can sit up but she is such a little chub that she just stays where you put her lol. try not to worry she will do things in her own time as long as she is bright and alert and imteracting with yuo im sure all is fine. x
  • Morgana was 8 weeks early and will be 1 in 2 weeks.
    She luckily never had any problems with eating solids (apart from the first two days where she screamed her head off), I weaned her at 5 1/2 months.
    Development wise she is a mixture of delayed and normal - she started crawling at 9 months uncorrected age, but didn't start babbling until 10 1/2 months and is still not much of a chatterbox.
    I think they all develop at their own rate, as long as they are bright and happy I try not to worry.
  • well..............she is now sitting up unaided, rolling and eating sort of....

    she would still prefer just milk but is eating bits and bobs.

    thanks for all the replies and advice...

    d xxx
  • Hi dee dee

    Thats great that Amelia is rolling about the place now and starting to get used to the solids. Sitting too well done Amelia, Kenny is 10 months, crawling and trying to stand up but still has no interest in sitting unaided despite me encouraging him every day. He would rather walk around the room holding my hands than sit but im sure he will do it in his own time.

  • my first born...DD now 17 never sat, never rolled and never crawled BUT she walked just before 10 months!!! Yikes!!!!!

    D xxx
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