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Cerebral Palsy

My twin boys born pre at 31+3 weeks now nearly 11 months or 9 corrected have today been diagnosed ith Cerebral Palsy (Dystonic cerebral palsy affects body tension or tone and diplegic affecting mainly the legs) hopefully they will walk if they are sitting before the age of 2 just a shock really as never expected this thought it may be reflux?!?!?


  • Hi hun
    I'm so sorry to hear your boys have CP. It must have been a shock if you didnt suspect it.
    Have they been referred for physio as the more help they get now and support for you, the better chance they have of taking those first steps.
    With determination, they will be able to do anything they want and make you just as proud. I have grown up with a dad who has CP and everyone that knows him are full of admiration. i'm so proud of him.
    My grandmother's tip would be to massage their muscles as much as you can.
    Good luck,
    Maria xx
  • I'm so sorry Soda!
    Its one of the illnesses/disabilities the consultant has pre-warned us might be a possibility. I hope it turns out to be less worrying than it sounds. You hear a name of something & think the worst.
    I'm thinking of you x
  • So sorry to hear this news Soda. Really hope you get lots of support with their development from the docs and your family. xxx
  • We getting loads of help via physio, and HV, boys going into daycare an extra 2 half days so the staff can do stuff with them as i find it hard with having a 2 year old around as well. Also physio getting extra things to help ie feeding chairs.
  • Sorry to hear all this it must be hard for you all.

    So glad you are getting lots on help, input and equipment tho as the earlier the better!!!

    Hope it continues well image
  • Ah it not hard just glad they been diagnosed as ive know for ages there something just right considering how early they were things could be loads worse. xxxx They also need a small operation for their heart murmour and regular eye checks as they showing signs of being longsighted. They happy loving little boys.
  • good stuff - sounds like things will go well from now on then!
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