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ELLA !!!!

Hi all havent been on for a while as u know ella has had to have heart opp ,so have been off with her ,

well we wewnt to bristols childrens hospital on 18th of nove , ella opp was on 19th , we was told would take 2 hours and was very straight forward , she went down at 1.30pm and then our night mare began

We was called into family room with dr so we new it wasnt good .

when they closed ellas valve she had a heart attack and then was rushed back to theatre for open herat surgery as they discoverd she had ALCAPA which is where the pulmory attery is arising from wrong place , so no oxygen was getting to her heart.

She then spent a further 10 hours in thratre trying to save her life !!!!!!!

She came back up from surgery at 1.30 am with her chest still open as her heart was so swollen they couldnt close it , they told us the next 2 hours would be critical for her , they also said she could be brain damaged as her heart had stopped for a minute and they couldnt take her off bypass for a long time she also blead fopr 2 hours and they styruggled to stop it ,

But she held her own and survived the night she had her chest closed the following day , she was still not out of the woods but theyt was amazed with her as they didnt expect her to survive ,

She had to have a blood transfusion too but slowly day by day she got stronger , she was taken off venterlater 3 days after opp and put on a vaportherm to help her breathe and we was allowed to hold her for 1st time in 5 days ,

she had a brain scan to see if any damage had been done to her brain and thankfully it hadnt !!

we went upto ward after 7 days in picu and then my beautiful brave little girl was allowed home on the 29th of nov she is a miricle they want to put her in medical journal as tgis only affects 1 in 1000 000 babies i cant tell u how hard its been the thought of losing my baby girl also was to much to bear ,

she has now put a pound and half on in weight and is doing great

she will always be under cardioligist and take merdication for some time but shes a little fighter

hope yr all ok love victoria xxx


  • Oh thank god vicki, I was reading this and holding my breath for fear of the ending but that is just wonderful. Your Ella is a little fighter through and through and I am just so relieved and so happy for you. Charlie was definitely looking down on your beautiful princess.

    I hope that she is still recovering well and that you are now able to enjoy her as much as you deserve to. Take care X
  • I am so pleased that after a rollercoaster of emotions, stress and strain, your little Ella has shown strength and is doing well. This must have been a horrendous time for you.

    Sounds like she is doing really well now though!

  • Wow! What a little fighter you have!

    I'm so glad he is starting to get better Hun, I can't begin to imagine what you must have been through!

    Sending you lots of Huggs! I hope little Ella had a fab 1st Xmas too!


  • G/C to say oh my goodness, I am so pleased it ended well. I can't imagine what you have been through and are still going through. Lots of love and hugs. Hope this new year brings only happiness to you all.
  • Oh i had no idea you had had a scare like that when she went in for her op. What a little fighter she is! Truely amazing! I really cant imagine how terrified you must have been. So glad Ella is on the mend. Such a relief for u. She is gorgeous xx
  • Whata little fighter you have there i am sorry it was so hard for you all but i am so happy it has gone so well image you are being very brace and so is ella of course xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • brave* doh
  • Hi,

    So sorry to hear all that you've been going through with Ella, I can't begin to imagine how you feel. But also so good to hear she's a little fighter and on the road to recovery. Please keep us updated on how she's doing xx
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