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Delayed development

Hi my son is nearly 18 months and yesterday we saw a peadatrician due to delayed development slight tremour and clumsyness

he started crawling at 8 months pulled him self up at 10 months and walked with a walker and at 12 months he stood unaided.however at 14-15 months he could no longer use his walker or stand unaided.he is also extremly clumsy and falls over his arms when crawling. He has a slight tremour but doesn't do that so often now

He doesn't have anywords and I'm not sure if he understands everything as he should

he needs to have an MRI, blood test, chromosome test, hearing test, speach therapist, physiotherapist and someone come to house to monitor him more closely

I don't really know what I'm hoping I guess for just other peoples advice and experiences? Any would be gratefully recieved!!



  • hello

    sorry, i have no experience of this, my daughter has a different set of concerns (heart condition and heterotaxy). however i just wanted to say hi as i know how worrying it is to be in a position like this.

    hope all goes well with your appts.

    ava has had an mri and chromosome tests (she has a chromoesome duplication it turns out) and she wasn't worried about either x
  • Hi thanks so much for replying, it's do hard to explain to other people how i'm feeling.

    How was your daughter during the MRI? How old is she?

  • hello

    ava is 21 months. i think her mri may have been different as she had a barium swallow at the same time so not the same as the tunnelly ones. however, wiht all the tests and medical stuff she has been though, she has really surprised me! they are much tougher than they look these little uns. ava has had 2 ops (one very major) and she even bounced back from them!

    its so worryng isn't it. you'd give everything to swap wiht them and have the tests yourself and just feel so guilty that there is nothing you can do to help. hopefully when you get some answers, that may make things a bit easier. i found that when we knew the exact extent of avas medical issues, and we could start to make plans etc, that started to help things make sense a bit more xxx
  • oh and her barium meal etc was at about 6 months old x
  • Hi there, also wanted to say hi. My son has been under extensive investigation from the day he was born including chromosome and genetic testing. He had MRI at 3 days old and I was able to feed him up so he was very full and stayed asleep although they may sedate your son as he is older and will need to stay very still and the scanner is quite noisy, they put ear protectors on so the noise will be blocked out and you will also probably be able to sit right next to him too as I did.

    The testing he will have should all just be done through blood tests and you can always make sure they use the special cream to numb the area before they take blood (sure they'll do this anyway though)

    I'm on the Wirral and we have had physio, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy amongst others supporting us. We mostly saw community at first who came to the house which was great as you feel more comfortable I think. We also get to use local resources like Wirral Resource Centre and Toy Library which is a great little centre where we have gone since my son was 16 weeks old, he's now 3. He gets 2 hours play therapy including physiotherapy and I get to sit with other parents using the centre which has been invaluable for contact with people who truly understand how you feel.

    I know it will be a difficult time for you when you get started with all this support but it is the best thing, the more you get the better it will be for you and your son.

    keep us posted on your son's progress and don't forget we're always here for support xxx
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