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Just saying hello and a quick update from us.

Hello everyone just an update from us really. I've got less than 10 weeks now until our new baby is due so all getting very excited now. Paul is getting to realise that we will be bringing a baby home as we've been having loads of lovely time sorting out baby clothes and he's been tapping and rubbing my bump asking the baby to wake up.

Our Paul is doing well, we've had about 4 weeks out of the last few moths were he has been well other than that we've been exausted as he's been quite weak with general colds, chicken pocks etc anyway he's had an appointment in Oxford's John Radcliffe hospital (they specialise in CMS)we saw 7 specialists so although things are still in their very early stages I do feel like we might get somewhere in the next couple of years which I think is a realistic timescale considering we've been seen for almost 4 years now.

Anyway Paul starts afternoons in school nursery in September so I'm excited about that and think he'll love it.

Hope everyone is ok and doing well x x x


  • Hi, I dont come on here much now but popped on, Wow 10 weeks to go, how exciting, things sound promising for you finally getting a diagnosis for Paul in the future, it is so frustrating not knowing.

    Not sure if you read my last post, Isaac has now been diagnosed with Autistic spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorder, hypermobility and a whole list of other stuff, its been a tough journey and I've realised that the diagnosis is just the beginning, life can be challenging at times but he is my perfect little boy and I wouldnt change him for the world. He has had his hernia surgery and his eye surgery which all seems to have gone well (Post op check next week). He has been referred back to Physio because of his hypermobility and back to orthotics as his inserts are not actually supporting him so his ankles still roll and he still walks on tiptoe, aside from that we are good, he starts school in September so I have loads of meetings at the moment to sort things out and get things in place for him for when he starts, I have a big meeting next week with SENCO, OT, speciallist teaching team and educational phsycologist, not even starting school is simple, still it keeps me busy xx
  • Lovely to hear from you, I've only got 5 weeks left now eeek! but really looking forward to things. Sounds like you are now able to move things forward too and hopefully you'll get the Piedro boots like us so his ankle is supported better.

    We're also having those meetings for nursery next month so you'll have to let me know what to expect. We'll have another in September once he's been there for a few weeks too. They phoned me to say they've swapped him to mornings too (which I had asked for) as the agree with me and think he'll do better in the morning.

    I hope Issac enjoys school anyway, I'm sure they'll do a good job with his additional support. Good luck with it all and glad to hear his surgeries went well too
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