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any autism mummies on here

hi everyone, I have a four year old boy with possible autism, me and his father believe that he has autism and so does his nursery and we are waiting to here from a special nursery near us for the testing and was wondering if there was any mummies on here with a child or children or autism for a chat really xox


  • Hi, I havent been on this site for nearly two years but I was browsing and I thought id answer your post. I have a little boy who is 5 with suspected autism we have been on the cdat waiting list for a year now. My little boy is having an extra year at nursery as he just wasnt ready for school this year.
  • hi hun, thanks for replying, sorry to hear you have been waiting so long to hear back from them, we been waiting a while to about hearing back from the nursery and he turned four last week and is not ready for school till next year and he may need to go to a special school or just get extra help, pm if you wish to speak more about it tc xox
  • hello i havent been on this year for 2 years but today my son who is 3 years old have been diagnosed with autism so wated to com eon to see if anyone was going thru the same thing, we thought thats what the out come would be but was still a shock, x
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