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my almost 3 yr old autistic

saw paed yesterday and i had my suspecting and she confirmed that was likely carson is autistic. we have to wait for her to have her MDT meeting with other consultants to confirm but likely. he is young so until he is 5 they cant say 100% but he will begin therapy now as early intervention crucial. i am a little upset but she said he shows good signs of leading normal life and responding to intervention so fingers crossed.


  • hi, didnt want to read and run. hopefully the early detection and intervention will really make all the difference as the docs comments sound promising. x
  • yes thankyou.x
  • hello i havent been on this year for 2 years but today my son who is 3 years old have been diagnosed with autism so wanted to come on to see if anyone was going thru the same thing, we thought thats what the out come would be but was still a shock, x
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