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Hi all its been a long time since i came on here , hope ur all doing well ella is nearly 2 now and what a little girl she is , she makes our live such a fantastic place to be she is so funny and has an amazing character ,

theres a cheeky side to her that im sure charlie gave to her to keep me on my toes , She is still under cardioligist and peads , she is still tiny and has a leaking mitral valve still so is still on medication and might have to have further surgery one day , She also has laryangil nerve palsy caused by her opp and doesnt speak to well yet but its coming and we do baby sign with her which she has really taken too , the adores her brothers and knows that charlie is still a massive part of us even tho he isnt here she knows his picture and always likes to see me light his candle which is lovely for us , he would of been 3 this aug time has gone buy and we have learnt to live again but pain always there in the back of ur heart , take care ladys and love to u all victoria xx


  • Hi there,

    I just wanted to say how lovely that things are turning out well for you. Your little girl sounds lovely and hope further surgery goes well xxx
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