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Where can I get Help?

Hi there all, I had some news on Friday which left me somewhat stunned! My son's teacher thinks he may be on the autistic spectrum mainly asperger. I've searched high and low to get a diagnosis and keep hitting brick walls. I can't afford to wait months as his well being at school is at risk and therefor the sooner I get this diagnosed the quicker we can get a solution in place! I live in Cumbria and there's absolutley nothing here! Hoping you can help x


  • I would first of all get a meeting with the SENCO at the school and make sure all your concerns are recorded.  Ask them whether they will do an assessment.  I don't know what you can afford but if you should try and find an independent educational psychologist to make a diagnosis if they refuse.  

    Your GP or health visitor may be able to help. Alternatively seek out independent advice from an educational psychologist . Private EP reports usually cost between £300 and £400 but may be more. Their findings are not binding, a school does not have to act on them but it may be enough to set the ball rolling or to give you peace of mind. 

    Try this site for a start:

    I hope you find something.  It's really hard to be able to know what's right for an Aspergers child.  Basically I recommend keeping to as strict a routine as possible to enable security and make sure he writes everything down as they find it difficult to follow oral instructions.

    Good luck,

    H x 

  • Good fricking luck! My son still hasn't been diagnopsed with anything and we have been trying since he was 2 and he is 7 now. He is deffinately not normal in his behaviour and his IQ says he has an intellectual disability above that they just um and ahhh.

  • We have been in the system here in York since Ds1 was 2. He is 4half now. We have jumped through all the hoops, speech th, pediatrician aps, group with professionals to teach social skills and finally a visit to the autism forum 2months ago. All professionals involved agree that my son has quirks and has some abnormal behaviour. However he is so clever. His vocabulary is that of an adult, he can read, multiply and is a very sociable little boy. I am so grateful for all the help we have had. He has gone undiagnosed but our pediatrician believes he may have social problems as a teenager. For now his nursery/school are doing a fab job. They agree there is something, but he is doing so well. If i were you i would talk to your gp or hv. They do referrals. Don't expect anything to be done quickly tho. There are long waiting lists and aspergers is so difficult if not impossible to diagnose. As i have learnt over past 2 half years. Good luck and i hope you get some help. Xxx
  • Thank you all for your replies! I have taken positive action finally! I'm arranging a meeting with the school SENCO as apparantly they have not been notified - Shocked as it's the schools responsibility to suggest him to the senco! Secondly getting a letter from the doctor and thirdly yes, i've located a local clinical psychologist that specialises in this and if needs be we can get the test done in about 4 weeks! Fingers crossed we finally get the help he needs! x

  • Hi my daughter has a diagnoses of Aspergers and there is no 1 single test that will give you a diagnoses. your child will need to be seen by a muiltdisaplinary team on the autistic teams at your local CAMH's center which is normally at local hospital or childrens hospital.

    you will be seen by 3 people on 3 seperate occasions and they will then discuss their findings and then invite you in to dioscuss them before giving a diagnoses. I am only telling you this so you dont end up like i was and upset by the lenght of time it does take.

    my daughter went through the systerm very quickly, after being referred by the health visitor (my younges health visitor as she was who i voiced concerns to) in ocotober she recived a diagnoses in the following May.

    I live in dorset and we have the wessex autisics socitey here, is there anyone near you where you can get some info??

    also how old is your child? My daughter was 5 when she got disgnosed and we were told that 5 is VERY young but she clearly has Aspergers! 

    please message me if there is anything i can help you with xx

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