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Can a CVS give a false negative

Hi I would especially like to hear from anyone where they may have gotten a false negative on their CVS test. My youngest child Amy now 2 is being tested for Turner Syndrome because she shows aspects of it but I had a CVS when I was pregnant because she had a 8mm Nuchal Tube gap and that said she was fine. Could it have been wrong? I hate to think something is wrong with my little bubba she was born 5 weeks early and has always been small and I have been loving it to think its actually part of a disorder is sad. I was enjoying my youngest being small because my other two children were always off the chart is height and weight and it felt like they grew too fast. plus she is so smart and developing so well I am trying to get my head around how something could be wrong. I took her in to the pediatrician due to breathing problems thinking we would finally come out with an asthma diagnosis not this. This is so huge!

P.S Just wanted to mention I used to post on here as Libranaster but I have forgotten my password and I can't use that email addy anymore so I can't retrieve it.

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