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Behavioural Issues and Epilepsy

My son was diagnosed with Absence Epilepsy 10 weeks ago, he is 4 years old and suffered a TBI at birth due to the fact he was overdue and fractured his skull during the birth which was only discovered following an emergency c-section. He had seizures at 29 hours old and was taken to special care and medicated with phenobarbitol. He experienced no further seizures until around aged 2 when he appeared to zone out however it wasn't until i demanded more tests and an appointment with a specialist to discuss this along with some severe behavioural issues....

He is now on Epilim which he takes twice a day in liquid form (7.5mls) however his behaviour has really deteriorated and he appears to be more hyperactive with no desire to listen to verbal instruction and throws extreme violent outbursts when placed on timeout or verbal discussions around his behaviour take place.

Everyday is a constant battle and both my husband and I are really struggling with the outbursts and the fact his behaviour is so bad, we see a consultant however he always seems to ignore all of the issues around his behaviour, I also work as a manager for a brain injury organisation and understand some of the complexities involved in child brain injury however just feel completely alone and unable to cope at the moment. I adore my little man and just wish we could get to the bottom of it all for all of our sakes as patience is running thin.

Has anyone gone through or are going through similar and know of any support available within the North East of England??

Sorry for the rant x


  • Hi gem if ur still around, jow r u getting on? Whats a tbi? My son had a bleed in his left thalamus at 5 wks and had 13 seizures before they put him on meds (keppra) I work as a behaviour support instructor for adults with intellectual disabilities, we use pictures, social stories and sign language to help our service users express themselves as sometimes they just cant say wats going on. . I'm using sign with my baby now as I dont know if his language has been affected by the bleed- hes only 7mths at the mo. Also sometimes if theres too much going on at the one time over stimulating ur son? Or it could b he doesnt attend properly to wat ur saying so u might need to slow down and simplify wat u say. Im not implying ur son has an intellectual disability but I use these techniques with my other son who's now 7 and theyve always helped. Try using rewards forr the behaviour u want instead of punishment, for those u dont want as kids who r difficult sometimes hear a lot of negativity..also try catching ur son doing good things and tell him hes great etc as he'll learn that gets him positive attention. I'd love to hear from u. image
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