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Anyone else child behave in similar ways?

So My 4th daughter is aged 4. Since she was 2 she has displayed behaviours that concern me. First she copies sentences her 5 year old says. Like my 5 year old could say '  I don't like that.' Then my 4 year old will repeat the whole thing. It's like we have a parrot. Also she has certain rituals. At bedtime she needs to be covered by either me or her older sister at bedtime without fail. She has to night and if you don't she will get upset. She Won't fasten her slippers and walks round the house with them open even though we tell her she can Trip. She hates wearing socks on their own, and will only wemars slippers when we tell her to repeatedly. She never makes her own choices and relies on what her sister chooses  ( like when choosing what fruit to eat) she also has to eat the apple down to its core till there is nothing left. She has lots more but just thought I'd name a few. She is seeing a community pead who Said she needs to speak to her colleagues in relation to my daughter some im waiting. Anyone have any ideas What if could be? 


  • There could be many things covered by what you describe, it could be an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), it could be a social communication disorder (SCD), it could be learning accurately diagnose can take months as they usually need a team of professionals (Paediatrician, Speech & Language, Occupational Therapy, Audiology, Education Psychology...) to assess & report back. They may want blood tests to rule out chromosome defects. They may look at family medical history & any issues that occurred with the pregnancy & birth.

    All I can say for certain is you have taken the first step to getting answers. Good luck on the road ahead, it can be a long one. X

  • Thank you KazzieM

    i can see yes it will be a long process. I just hope we find out soon because I want to get the help she needs. What kind of genetic tests do they do? I keep blaming myself thinking ive done something wrong or there is something wrong with me making her be borb with these difficulties. 

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