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My daughter was diagnosed with autism when she was 2.5. She is verbal but echolaic often. My worry is that my 18month old seems to be echolaic now too or is this "normal" for this age. He can finish songs, he can count to 10 (daughter LOVES numbers so hears this often) He points, responds to his name (most of the time), generaly good eye contact, calls out for us, asks to be picked up etc

we have done qchat and mchat and seem OK And Heath visitor thinks ok. Don't know what is "Normal" or not. Am very confused 


  • Echolalia is 'normal' for most children - repeating things they hear is how they learn to speak. You don't seem to have any other concerns about his behaviour or other signs that might point to autism, so I think I'd be inclined to wait it out and see how he develops. It's also common for the second child to copy the things s/he sees from an older sibling.


    My daughter was diagnosed with autism at 3 and barely spoke then, but now, thanks to her love of scripting (Bing!) she's a real chatterbox! 


    Kel x


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