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Our son is 9 years old and always acted a little differently. Just lately I've looked at ODD and it describes him to a T but I'm feeling scared to explore and put a label on him? Any advice / support would be lovely. Xxxxxx


  • hi there, sorry didn't want to read and run but what is ODD? 

  • thats ok. I tried to edit it but can't see how. It's Oppositional Defiant Disorder x

  • I would say the only experience i have of this are friends and family who's kids have a behavioural disorder (be it ADHD, being on the spectrum, anger problems). 

    Of course you must be afraid to seek a diagnosis, but considering he's 9, wouldn't one of your sons teachers picked up on something by now and mentioned it? 

    Also, if it turned out your son did have a 'disorder' you could then look to him getting a statement and that means he'd receive extra help and support at school if he needed it which could be good? 

    Sorry i don't have first hand experience, but try not to fret x x x

  • If you are looking at ODD have you looked at PDA also? It may be worth noting down a diary of things that occur over a typical fortnight  (what is said, what is done...) before then approaching Dr with the diary in hand.

    Coincidentally, they don't do 'statements' anymore. The statement of SEN changed to the Education & Healthcare Plan  (EHCP) back in October 2014. This now means that it is not only the academic needs of the child that get looked at but their health & welfare needs too. 

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