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Soild knickers

Need some advice. I have a 8 year old daughter who has autism she is in the medium spectrum. She been having soiled accidents in her knickers quite few times. It got to a lot when she was little younger when she started school. It been every now and then. Then it got to every day for while. Then it stop for while then it happens again. I ask the school if every thing was okay if anything they notice any change in her. There has been no changes in home life with me or her dad. Just need some advice on this. Or if any of u parents having the same problem. Thanks Tasha xx


  • My ASD girl is the same age & has no poo continence (it can be harder to master than the wee side of things).

    Many things can also affect soiling - anxiety, food intolerance, ill health, what has been eaten... (my girl loves crisps & cakes & will eat packets full if left unchecked...cue lots of bowel movements ).

    It may be worth noting if there is a 'trend' (is it happening at certain times of day, is it only on specific day...) If anxiety is possibly the cause, it can help figuring out what we are anxious about  (is it playing after lunch, is it a certain lesson/teacher?..) I know my girl went through a phase of refusing swim class, we then deduced it was the showers she was anxious about  (avoid taking her through the shower room & you have a girl who loves swimming).

    If she won't talk to you, you could try using a 'worry monster' & getting her to write or draw her worries to feed to the monster  (poof they are gone). Good luck. X 

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