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Homeschooling 3 Children with a Chronic Illness

Hi, I’ve not done this before but thought I’d give it a whirl!

I am 30 y/o mum with 3 children DD 9 DS 5 DD 2. My son and youngest daughter are currently being diagnosed for Autism/ADHD And sensory processing disorder

i decided to home Educate them in January last year. At this time my son was struggling in mainstream school and my oldest was becoming very anxious and miserable at Junior School so we made the decision to homeschool

a few months after this we discovered my youngest was showing signs of Autism and other sensory issues so this made homeschooling start off rocky.

in the April of last year I was diagnosed very unexpectedly with Crohn’s Disease and Fibromyalgia. 

This was all obviously not happening before I started to home ed and has put a real strain on my energy

My husband and parents both work full time and I struggle with the day to day running of the house and the children’s learning. We do lots of activities where possible and as much sit down work and writing that they will allow but I am slowly slipping and things are getting harder and harder to do

i have good days and bad days but I just wanted to see if anybody out there homeschools children with learning and special needs whilst dealing with a chronic illness? And if so what coping mechanisms you have in place to juggle the demands of this lifestyle?

we do not wish to send the kids to school as they are petrified of the thought. And enjoy their weekly clubs and routine where possible. plus We have weekly specialist visits and hospital appts for all of us and they wouldn’t be possible if they were back at school

i love having my kids with me but when I am in pain and my son and daughter are having a meltdown or destroying the house I feel like giving up. But I know deep Down we can make this work! 

I will stop waffling and see if anyone has any kind suggestions for me


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