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Suspected autism in 21 month old

Wondering if anybody else's child has had similar symptoms and turned out not to be on the autism spectrum and just immensely slow development. My ds is 21 months old and started suffering from seizures at 6 months old he completely stopped having them at 18 months old. He's had a bad squint since he was born which the doctors are now recommending surgery, he dosent talk and only started babbling a month ago. He says words and then never says them again, and not on demand either. Like mama for instance he said first at 10 months and then nothing til he was 17 months he said it about 20 times repeatedly in a 10 minute period and then has never said it again since no matter how many times I say it. He started crawling at 14 months and started sitting by himself at 12 months. He can cruise but refuses to walk and just goes down on his knees. He won't eat with a knife or fork and will sometimes refuse to feed himself with finger food, he has only just started pointing at stuff in the past couple of months, but not really at stuff he wants he just points as everything. He dosent know stranger danger as he's friendly with everybody like hospital and nursery for example he put his hands out for everybody, I've searched that the lazy eye can be a symptom of autism as well as the seizures. He has missed every milestone, and is very clingy. We Co sleep and we refuses to sleep unless he's holding my head in both hands and my cheek is touching his. He's not interested in other kids, he dosent make eye contact for long and dosent respond to anything expect for his name which sometimes he ignores. He is not interested in toys at all, and is very aggressive has tried chucking my phone at my face and his mega blocks as well, he's pulled punched and slapped my face and he does this to other people aswell like the nursery assistants. He also trys hurting himself punching himself and pinching and banging his head til he cries and 5hen when he stops crying he does it again! anybody else had these problems and everything has turned out okay? I talked to the nursery yesterday and they said they suspect autism too:(


  • I have no personal experience but well done for speaking to nursery about your concerns. It’s never easy when we’re worried about our little ones.
    Have you shared your concerns with your Health Visitor?

    This website is amazing. You could try the toddler screener and contact your HV with the results:

    You might get some advice from the National Autistic society helpline too - 0808 800 4104.

    Wishing you all the best xx 

  • @Pe4nut thank you :) and I will do, didn't know something like that existed, and I talked to my hv today and she said she'll send out some development forms for me to fill out and send back to her. Nursery has involved early intervention to do an assessment in January, and if they suspect autism they will do further assessments I think, I've enrolled on an autism awareness and stepping stones class too for January. I will call the helpline tomorrow and see what they say, thank you again! Hope you have a great Xmas xx
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