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Both parents needed at hospital bedside of sick children

Parents Safiyya & Ashley Cain continue the fight to save their daughters Azaylia Diamond Cain life in hospital after being told she has a poor chance of survival. 
Azaylia was diagnosed at 8 weeks old with a very rare form of Acute myeloid leukaemia on 8th October 2020..10 weeks in hospital having already received 2 rounds of chemotherapy she still fighting for her life  waiting for that special stranger to sign up to become bone marrow donor so she can have transplant. 
She can not survive without a transplant she will die. 

It’s as easy as home swab kit to see if you could be a possible match 

Azaylia is now 17 weeks old. Already spending 10 weeks in hospital and being told Azaylia  could possibly be in hospital for a further 8 months should Azaylia pull through treatment & find donor. We are campaigning that both parents mental health are suffering being kept apart & not being able to support each other or be together as a family. They should be allowed at the bedside of their sick child in hospital, not kept apart. both parents are currently only allowed 1 in 1 out at the hospital as they swap over every few hours. both parents care 24/7 round the clock for their daughter but due to current COVID restrictions everyone else can form bubble of 3 household over Christmas but mum dad & baby Azaylia who are all in one bubble are being kept apart. 

Please click on this link & show your support by signing this petition that it’s important both parents in same bubble should be allowed at the bedside of their seriously sick child. This could be Azaylia first & possibly last Christmas 

Thank you fir your support 

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