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isabels life so far:

Oh hun im so sorry to hear how bad things have been,i havent been nor heard of anyone else in the same situation, but i can guarente you this that whenever you need a rant or to let off steam we are all her to chat to.

Oh yeah im Emma 25 mum to riley 3yrs,married to adi for 5 1/2yrs,we live in colchester,where abouts are you.

p.s.your are both a brave couple and have an amazing daughter,hope they find the cause of the problem.



  • thank you for taking the time to read isabels story i know its a long one! i dont know where the strength comes from though, guess as mums we all have it! i've not spoken about all of this properly to anybody and its tough!! and i'm 22 living in suffolk x x x
  • Your not that far then.

    I had what i thought was megga problems having riley but when i read other mums stories i realise just how simple mine seems,he was a healthy baby 8lb 1oz but we both nearly didnt make it through labour.I had a few complacitations and needed surgery straight away after he was delivered.

    I always used to complain about it but now im thankfull that it happened as it opened my eyes to the pain most other mums suffer in silence.

    Like i said they girls on here are a great bunch to talk to and we all have our stories.Friday and saturday are the busy times here as we all chat and tend to play silly games,its fun and nice to just take five from it all.

    Have you always lived in suffolk.
  • nothing is ever straight forward in life is it! you must have been scared after the labour? although isabel was early mine was fine, only took 12 minutes to push her out she was so small! couldnt imagine giving birth to an 8lb baby tho!! will definately remember to sign in at weekends then as i could do with a laugh!!
  • Bless ya,after all that im crazy for wantin another tho,wont happen yet.

    We do, do some silly thing here at the weekends,think of a game and post it in the lounge if you like.

  • i would love another one i just want make sure isabels not going to get ill every winter!! i'm trying to get my lilypie ticker on here but dont know how to!! help!
  • Hubby dont want another one,worried it would happen again,have said i was worried to that why i said i would rather a c-section,not a good choice but the best option.

    Ok tikker:
    Click on mine and it takes you through to the site,if you have already done that you need to copy the url=http: bit and then paste it in you signatuer bit in you profile.
    You can always check it befor posting it.

    Hope that helps,im here for a while,hubby has gone out for a few hrs and lil man in bed(since 8pm)so i have the computer all to myself.LOL
  • Hi
    Welcome to pp
    My name is Simone and i am mum to Jessica.

    What a very brave little girl you have, im affraid i can't offer any advice, but i really hope they find a reason to why it happened twice and hope it never happens to her again.

    Hope to chat soon xx
  • Hi Kirsty,

    What an amazing little girl you have, she's obviously a little fighter.

    I'm afraid I have no experience of this so am unable to have you any advice, but I do wish you all well for the future. I hope the hospital are able to find out why your little girl has had to go through this twice and pray they are able to prevent any more episodes in the future.

    Take care, Zoe xx
  • Hi, Welcome to PP. I am Karen and mami to Hollie.

    Your little one sounds like a real fighter, and it is a shame she has had such a hard time. I hope things look up for you all soon and you are able to get some answers as to why this happened again and then the doctors are able to prevent it. It must have been so hard for you both seeing your daughter struggle. I dont have any experience of that im sorry so am unable to offer you any first hand advice.

    I hope things look up for you all soon, take care and look after each other.

    Karen xx
  • Hiya Kirsty,
    oh my goodness, whata story, you have all been very brave, and like the others say, whata little fighter. I really hope you find out soon why this happened, and fingers crossed she wont get it again.

    hope you are all well
    take care
    kas xx
  • Hi kirsty, sorry for the late reply, just catching up on posts! Wow! what a story, sounds like you are all being so strong.
    I have a friend(in fact she worked for me) who went full term, but it all went wrong at the last minute and the baby was very lucky to survive. She has crerebal Palsy, can't swallow and is 50% blind and deaf. There is no point trying to find reasons for why it happens in the first place, just trying to make sure it doesn't happen again is for the best.

    I hope that isabel goes from strength to strength - Enjoy seeing all the changes she is making, toddler years are so exciting for us mums as well as them!

    BTW, I'm Emma, nearly 28 and mum to William 3 and sophie, 5.

    Welcome to PP

  • Hi Kirsty, wow you're story brought tears to my eyes. Isabel must be such a little fighter. I'm sorry you've had it so hard and that she still has health concerns i can't imagine how worrying that must be. I so hope the hospital get it all sorted, keep us posted please.
    Tasha x x x
  • Wow, your family have had to endure more in Isabels short life than most people endure in their whole lifetime.

    I hope that Isabel is OK and her next hospital appointment goes well.

    Keep us posted!!!
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