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autism and respite care

i applied for social services respite care after being referred by my sons psychologist (where they take your child for a few hours, like to a after school club or similar) so you can have a bit of a break. i get high rate care disability benefit and low rate mobility benefit for him, after a assesment and a interview, then a 6 month wait for a decision i was told (in a 68 page report!) which boiled down to, as my son was cared for, looked after and needs met, and i dont have a history of drugs or alcohol im not entitled to anything!! does this mean you have to hurt your child before they will help?!! i thought they were meant to prevent things like that happening? is it me or is the system all wrong?


  • OMG thats so wrong,id write back and make them aweare again they you have a baby to care for aswell.Go to you H.V.and ask her for help and advice as she may be able to reffer it and get something done.
  • my health visitor is bordering on useless, well they all are at my local surgery! like i said, they basically said hes not in danger and is looked after so what i need doesnt matter
  • The system in this country is all wrong!!!
    We have a local charity that has a huge buidling called the Leicester Children's home. It brings under privilaged children from Leicester to Mablethorpe for a 1 or 2 week holiday away from their parents in the summer. It's a real shame that there isn't a facility like that for kids with autism and other SEN.

    A new school is being opened near my parents which is especially for autistic children. I would love to do a job like that, the job description of very brief and obviously its not a great time for me!!!
  • I know they can't not give me a job just because I am pregnant, however they want some kind of experience or qualification of working with autistic kids. Unfortunately I can only list 3 or 4 pupils. I would love to do something like this in the future!

    I may consider some kind of further qualification once Bronwyn and Smurfy are at school.
  • they may be funny about employing you whilst pregnant as autistic kids can be violent and unpredictable, but you could always give tham a call to say 'hello, im here, interested and available soon'!
  • josh didnt until he got more school age, luckily hes calmed down again now with strict rules and routines and doesnt tend to do it so much. i think it is down to frustration when they cant communicate what they want. josh had a I.Q test as his psychologist wanted to know what level he was at and they are re testing him again next year as he was only 3 points away from being gifted for his age (hes classed as superior) so he tends to get frustrated at school when work is too easy and he gets bored so the teachers have to make sure he always has something to do
  • At my previous school several parents actually asked the Head if I could have their autistic child in my form as they had heard that I was good with them. One mum made me cry when she came to thank me for looking after her son at school. She had been told that he was on his last warning and a special residential school was the next and final option!!!

    In a few years I would love a job like this!
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