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HEADLICE- I have had enough!!!!

I am fed up of parents who send their kids to school infested with headlice! It is not nice for the child and surely the parents can see their child is in discomfort!!
My daughter has had headlice so many times this year I am going to scream!
As soon as I see her itch I am there with a comb!!lol - and yep she has them again!
The lyclear stuff the docs give you works, but with 3 kids in the house it takes so much time to put in - then leave for 12hrs meaning you cant go ANYWHERE. Then washing it out in the morning and combing through for an hour to make sure you get all the blighters - only for her to come home on monday of the following week with nits again!!!

I have just about had it!


  • Know what you mean !!!!!!!!! My dd only in reception , but already had the dreaded visitors ............. then passed onto me and other dd - I am paranoid , know all the things about only liking clean hair etc etc etc , but still hate the thought of them ( especially when off to the hairdressers - my worst nightmare !!!!!)I get cross when I treat and others don't bother !!!!!!!!!!

    Sure  you've tried lots , but I "researched" it on internet and found a spray  from Nitty gritty and a special comb from them too ( neither cheap ) the spray is apparently a repellant - not sure if just coincidence  but since been using haven't had any more visitors - the comb is also good , prongs close together and have grooves to catch eggs and everything !!!!!!! Not a rep or anything for them , just used it and was good !!!!

     Have fun ! x

  • I have heard of them before but tbh the price put me off. I suppose if they really work though I should invest in them!
  • We have an electronic combwhich kills the live ones.Vaguely amusing but takes ages cos they like to see the bodies.Just get a  little beepy noise while you comb as it emits a small electric charge which kills them and traps the body..Stops when you catch one.You do it on dry hair,obviously and just avoid catch the top of their ears.I use that  as soon as we see a live one.

    I use the 10 minute lotion,Full Marks.Put it on dry hair,wash out in 10 mins.

    Have found Vosene 3 in 1 helps as it has repellent.They also do a spray to put on after,which we did use for a while but it's all very expensive when someone else isn't  checking their kid's hair and keeps bringing it back to school.

    The cheapest way we got rid was just combing through with a nit comb and generous amounts of Johnson's baby conditioner,first a normal comb then the nit comb,just twice a week even if there's nothing there,you catch them quick if they do appear,and they tend not to cos the hair's too slippy for eggs to stick well.

    Good luck getting rid,we don't have any at the moment,but having said that,I'm sure we will by the end of the week,souldn't say things like that,tempting fate.

    Don't know why they don't just have a nit busting session every few weeks,if the whole school was done at one time  they could really get it under control.

    Itching now just thinking about the little beggars

  • Hi,

    Wash your daughter's hair with vinegar preferably during the weekend (because the smell) will keep away nits for a week. i use to work as an au-pair and those children had same problem, we washed their hair with vinegar on saturday then washed again later (then you can't smell the vinegar but still works) 

  • wow thats a great tip!!

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