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7 yr old girl wetting self in daytime

Can anyone offer me some advice please I feel at a loss.

My 7 year old daughter has been wetting herself during the day since she was about 5.  The amount of times she does it can vary from just once up to three times a day. It doesn't matter where she is or what she is doing, she will still wet herself. I have tried to talk to her but i think my frustration with the whole situation comes across (despite my best to talk calmly with her about it). We've done things like not making a big issue of it and just explaining to her that when it happens that she's to change straightaway and bring her wet things to us and just let us know its happened so we can deal with it, sticker charts for dry times, to completely ignorning its happening and even going to see our HV who just got us to fill out endless bits of paper measuring wee samples and drink quantities which having three children (at that time, i now have four) it was a hard task to do and would be completely impossible now. I'm thinking the next step would be to take her to the doctors in case its something medical. I did think it was mainly an attention seeking thing as I noticed around the time she was seeing the HV it didn't seem to be happening so often and pretty much almost stopped but then somewhere along the line, she started again.  Any advice please very welcome.  


  • Wow, it sounds like you have got your hands full with 4 little ones!  I'm not sure I can be much help as I just have the 1 little boy who's 2.  How was your daughter with potty training?  Was she dry for a time and then went backwards or has she always wet herself each day?  Did she get worse when things happened in her life (eg, starting school, the birth of a sibling?), if so maybe it's because she was feeling stressed and wanted more attention?  I would take her to the Dr anyway, as it could be a physical problem (although if she suddenly improves before HV appts it seems unlilely to be), and if not s/he may suggest steps to take if it's more psychological.

    Good luck with everything XX

  • I just saw something on the telly the other night about this. Apparently 1 in 20 kids still do this until they are 10 years old! Which I found pretty surprising!

    They also mentioned something about how in some cases it is down to a missing or low hormone - of which I can't remember. I think a GP is probably the best move just to get everything checked out. And, also they will probably give you the reassurance you need. Good luck!
  • I have a 8yr old girl who can still have an accident in the day, have had all the tests and she has an over active bladder which makes it go into a spasm.

    I felt very sorry for my little girl at school as it was very embarrassing for her..

    I also had some great advice from one doctor who said for her to drink loads in the day to make the bladder bigger, which helped at night.

    I have 3 children who have all wet at night and only my girl who has wet in the day, I had an idea to help my child and I at night designing a wrap around bed protector called Coverdry. To stop the quilt from getting wet and have only one item to wash.

  • Thanks just read this and i have same problem with my 6 year old she says she just doesnt feel when she needs to wee, ive had her at doctors she has had blood tests scans etc but nothing unusal.. gonna try the more drinks through day see if that helps x
  • I have an 8 yr old little girl who is my step-daughter.She wets on her self throughout the day and into the night.She says she cant feel herself needing to pee until its too late.I have taken her to the doctor and they found nothing wrong with her urinalysis,they said its a possible behavioral problem.I do not agree with their diagnosis at all.I am looking for some information,if any,on trying to help her without medication or if there is any studies on wetting day and night.
  • My daughter was just the same and saw everyone.... when my daughter was like this at school I arranged with the teacher for her to go to the toilet on the hour as she like yours would not know when it was going to happen.

    So try that, as it is very embarassing for her to wet at school. We tried all meds and no joy..  I then made her drink more to make her bladder bigger that helped with the muscle control.

    You will find it will work, it just takes time and patience  :0)

     And at night I use the coverdry wrap around bed protector to keep quilts/sheets dry.

  • I would recommend you try some bladder control exercises with her follow this link and see what you think, I think anything is worth a try.

  • My 8 year old has done this on and off from about aged 5. She has stopped now. We got in a right tizz about it, she'd be fine all week then go to Rainbows and wet herself. The staff there would give us the third degree but she never said she was stressed or anything, just that she forgot to go to the toilet. She never seemed to know she was doing it so it's difficult to control. We set a timer for every hour and then sent her to go to the toilet until she got in the habit of going regularly. Not sure if that was what cracked it or she just stopped by herself.
  • image

    I have no advice i can only wish u good luck

  • Hi,  any advice my seven year old little girl is still wetting the bed at night, this is not a problem as her sister did this until she as about 71/2.  But now in the last couple of months she can wet herself in the day up to sometime three times during the day, she has just started junior school and i am so worried as i don't want her to be picked on for being smelly.  Help image




  • It can be a sure sign of trauma or distress... Don't just assume it's laziness or anything like that! It creates a vicous cycle as wetting in public creates humiliation, especially at school amongst peers! I had trouble when I was a kid n had to be put on medication that put my bladder to sleep (was over-active as someone else stated). Starting new school, new sibling, bullying or general unhappiness could be responsible. I do remember my mum making sure I helped her to take off wet sheets n take to washing machine so I was involved n understood the consequences n work involved when it happened. My advise is to pester GP until it is resolved...
  • This is crazy I really thought I was the only 1 as I don't know any other kid with the same problem as my 5 1/2 yr old daughter. I have had all the same issues as all of u and tried the exactly same ways to resolve it. Apart from a few days or sometimes a week or two dry, This has been a living nightmare for 2 1/2 years. She started of dry at 2 yrs but by the time she was 3 ish and in playgroup we have had nothing but dramas. Please tell me it will stop soon, I really feel like this is taking over my life. It's a Constance stress where I dread picking her up from Skool, it's totally destroying life for my daughter, my self and also my 10 ur old son. The Skool have helped but nothing seams to change permanently. I really believe its behavioural but feel so sad putting it down to that. There has to be something wrong right. ? ????? I get so angry with it all which brings on the quilt. I just really hope it will end for her sake more than mine as I worry about bullies and I worry what effect it's having on her mentally as well as physically.

    Thanks for listening ......
  • I really wish I had some advice that would help you ladies. But I wish you and your children all the best. Hopefully, everything will sort itself out soon. Good luck x. 

  • When I was potty trained at  8 years old I was not able to be dry throw the night because I had night time accidents and I would have day time accidents too sometimes

  • I put my little girl 7 years back in disposable nappy, terry nappy and plastic pants at night and when she is not at school. she is also treated like a baby - bottle feed, etc and sleeps in a modified cot.

  • Hello... I am facing the same heartbreaking situation with my 6 year old daughter for the past 3 years. 2-7 daytime accidents. Pleaaaase let me know how things progressed with your daughter as i am loosing hope..  somedays i feel that it will never change.. 

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