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The dreaded letter home and other head lice stories!

There is nothing worse than that piece of paper that's been photocopied so many times you can barely read it - (not that you need to - you already know!) It's the HEAD LICE LETTER!

Here at MFM we think it's about time head lice were out in the open - we all know nits have nothing to do with cleanliness and there's nothing to be ashamed of. So please, share your frustrations, horrible hairdresser visits, nightmares and phantom itchy head stories with us here!

You can also put your county into Vosene's nitwatch website to see if there's other people with the same concerns in your area (and we'll be testing some of their nit-propelling shampoo so make sure you've put your name down to be a tester to be in with the chance of testing that or one of our other products!)


  • When I was at school we had a nit nurse, I was seen scratching so a letter was sent home. My mum ripped through my hair that night and found nothing! seems I was just allergic to the shampoo we had been using at home!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr

    I hate the stuff you get on prescription for treating headlice, lyclear, leave it on for 12hrs and then wash out and comb through - do they not realise that you would have to get up at 5am on a school morning for this silly rigmoral?! (sp?)
    Why is there no better cream or shampoo available on prescription? headlice are now getting immune to this one anyway.
  • I remember when I was a child, I had nits.  My mum was so ashamed that she would not let the school know, and I was not allowed to tell anyone.  Things have changed now though, and more people do alert the school if headlice are found.

    My children have never had them YET, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time. (although I hope not).

  • I remember having to sit after she had done the treatment, while they were all combed out. There was loads.
  • I can remember the nit nurse coming to our school.We all had to line up out side the medical room,where we were checked one by one,and letters were senthome to parents of children who had them.So the whole class knew who had them ,and if there was a little girl called Katie as was in my class the whole school would know at the end of the day as the parents arrived.My mum was totally mortified,but I didn't actually care much.

    I've never had someone else find them with my children.I check them all the time,but we get the standard warning ,headlice have been found in your child's classevery few weeks.They don't even waste a whole bit of A4 on it,the letter is about the tenth of that size.They obivously print a lot off.

    I have heard the shampoos are less effective now,the lice are becoming immune.We're hoping the Vosene andcombing will keep them away,or nip it in the bud if they do appear.That Lyclear made us itch as much as the lice.

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