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Treatments - Lyclear Mousse & Spray


Lyclear have sent us two types of products for you to give a go. One is a mousse that works in 10 minutes while the other is a spray what works in 15. Both come with a nit comb and are pesticide free.

If you're one of our Lyclear testers we'd like to know:

Did it work?

How easy was it to apply?

How did it feel on your child's head and what did it smell like?

What did your child think?

Any tips to help other mums get to grips with it?

And criticisms and would you recommend it?

If you're not one of our testers but have used the product we'd still love to know what you thought - just mention you're not a tester and where you bought the product from. out of these now!) lice destroying!


  • I have tested the Lyclear spray . It came in a 100ml spray bottle with a comb .

    About the lotion – The leaflet says it is a double action formula and it “suffocates and dehydrates lice and eggs “

       You spray it onto dry hair and leave for 15 minutes , wash off ,  then comb the  hair through to get rid of the eggs and lice .


    The leaflet also states that as there are no pesticides  the lice can’t  become resistant to  the lotion !


    My opinions – The spray was easy to use – just spray onto the hair – I found that it was easier to spray onto the roots and then use the comb to comb the lotion through to the ends of the hair - I have used lotions before that you have to almost “pour” onto the hair and that then stained anything it came into contact with due to the oil content . The spray eliminated this problem as it is much easier to control where the lotion ends up .The spray was easy to press even with “oily” hands !

          The comb that comes with  the spray is a new style( or new to me at least !) and has angled handle , which I found made it easier to hold onto with slightly oily hands . The comb did the job fine , but personally I would use  the lotion with the “Nitty Gritty” comb – my daughter has really thick hair and the free comb didn’t have very long “teeth” so it takes ages to check ,  whereas the Nitty Gritty comb has longer teeth to get through the hair quicker .

     There was no smell and because it was easy and quick to apply I had very little complaining from my daughter ( which is obviously a huge advantage !!)


        I liked the spray and would definitely use it again- the only slight downside is that as it has a mineral oil in it , it tends to make the hair very greasy and takes quite a bit of washing out – however this is only a minor complaint and all the  benefits far outweigh having to wash the hair a couple of times !

    It appears to have worked , unfortunately it doesn’t state it has miraculous powers to stop headlice  returning , and short of making her wear a swimming cap to school I’m sure I’ll be using this again soon !!!!


     Hope this helps !

  • I tested Lyclear Moose.

    The moose didnt have a strong smell which I found good as hate it when they really smell. Said takes 10 mins, I applied it and was very very greasy, left it for 10 mins and combed through (with the comb provided with the moose which was a comb with a right angled handle which i found better to use than normal combs)  the eggs didnt lift straight away but left a little longer and they started coming out, still left a few dead white eggs in her hair, but overall I was very pleased with this product and would definately buy it it need be to treat.

    Only downfall was how greasy it was, I washed my daughters hair in her normal shampoo and conditioner after using Lyclear moose and when dried her hair still looked very greasy and did for about 2 washes after.

    Overall though I would definately recommend this product!

    Thanks for the opportunity to test it, I finally have the head lice in my house under control after using many different brands.

  • This product tends to do the trick but the HUGE downfall is actually that it makes your hair beyond greasy.....

     I have washed it over 6 times now and you can't get a lather as the shampoo slides off the grease. It is very dissapointing.

  • Would like to test lyclear

  • I haven’t tried any treatments yet as my kids haven’t had head lice yet but the school has just made an announcement yesterday that they are going about the school 🙈

  • I’d love to get some to try 

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    We're going to lock this thread now so peeps don't get confused and try signing up here too. 

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