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Pre School Boosters

Well tomorrow I have taken Half a Days Leave to pick up Harry early from the Childminders - shame it isnt to do something really nice !    image

I have to take him for his preschool boosters, which I am sure you will all know is not one jab its two - one in each arm!

I was supposed to take him last week but we were all poorly so had to postpone it!

I am really dreading this and think I preferred to take him as a baby to be honest!  He had swine flu jab  not this november but november before and it was okay - but I am dreading them giving him two - so he will scream once then I will have to hold him still while they do it all over again image.  

Any tips for keeping him calm?      Also I have heard that these ones can cause them to have a quite painful arm for a little while after... has anyone had this?  

I am glad he is having them on a thurs as I dont work Fridays so at least he will be with me if he is not feeling great.

I know it is for the best really but just who wants their kids to be in pain eh?   These are the things I dislike about being a mummy!

Hope everyone is keeping well!


  • Hi Charmaine.

    I have to take Arwen for hers  in the next couple of weeks,then Matilda in a couple of months time.

    Matilda had her MMR last week.Very late,simply because she's been ill,or for another reason we can't make it every appointment till now.Anyway,I was hugely suprised.Two jabs,one in each leg,and barely a complaint.She did complain for a few days her legs hurt,so she was walking slowly,which could have just been a Matilda thing,but there was no swelling or red area.The nurse got both jabs ready before giving the first so both were over very quick.With the older children,I haven't found this jab any worse than any of the other jabs they've been given.

    I didn't tell her before hand,just said we were going to see the nursey lady,so she had no time to get worked up.I think the best thing you can do is be very calm yourself.Hold them still,if they're moving it'll hurt more,but not like you're restraining them.If you can distract them with a book,or something in the room that might help.Matilda told me yesterday that she had her injection and she mustn't look,she was watching the nursey's computer.

    Good luck,hope it's not all too traumatic for you

  • Hello Jo,

    Thanks as always for your advice.......  How are you?     How is the pregnancy going?  When is your DD?   Such an exciting time.  You must be really tired looking after your family and being pregnant, or are the older ones qute helpful?

    I am still trying to loose weight....... cant stick to it at the moment - not very good!!!  Someone else said to me why wait til you have lost weight before ttc as you will only put it back on when expecting! Just want to do best for any future baby if we are lucky enough and I am 38 so dont want to add any extra risks!

     Hopefully our nurses will be as organised, and it is over and done with before he can think about it!  He doesnt know he has doctors today - i am at work atm, he is at childminders so at least he isnt picking up any nervous vibes from me yet!

    Matilda was very good then!  I saw on junior docs a young girl watching the doc take blood from her she was brave!     Just worried the first one will make him in a state then wont be able to hold him still, I am taking a treat and hoping for the best. I know it is over quickly but just cant help but worry (thats me a worrier!)  i remember them trying to take blood when he was really young - still a little baby and I had to pin him down and he was screaming

    I know people have to go through far worse than this and I am extremely lucky !!

    take care

  • When Charlie had his he didnt even flinch!! I was very proud of him.

    At least at this age they have an understanding and you can warn them what will happen.

    He did say his arms ached afterwards.
    Hope yours goes ok too x
  • Thanks Toes10!

    Well done Charlie!

  • Hello,

    Well he had them done,  he had his beady eye on the nurse the whole time and think he knew what was coming, however he did sit on my lap really well for the first one and he hardly flinched however different story with the second one, he was saying ooooowwww it hurts and then really started crying, but thankfully didnt last too long afterwards....... too busy eating a lollipop! 

    But today he is saying his shoulder hurts.     Have to say the cotton wool and sticky stuff - tape - they put on his arm was terrible he cried when I had to take it off it was stuck on far too well!

    Hope all is well with everyone x

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