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Jack's accident

Poor wee Jack! On Monday I let him outside to play. His day is in the process of replacing some broken tiles from the roof, and Jack fell on the ones that were away over at the corner of the garden and sliced through his little finger (left hand).
It wouldn't stop bleeding, plus it looked deep, so I took him to the hospital where they had to put a stitch in. He was in such a distressed state, as they kept poking at his finger, trying to put paper stitches on, but they wouldn't stick.
Eventually they decided to stitch him with no pain relief! Poor Jack was in agony, he has only turned 2, and I felt terrible too.
He got his hand bandaged up and the stitch is to come out next Wednesday.


  • Oh bless the little boy!! I wish he is getting better now.
  • Ooh poor Jack - hope he's feeling a bit better soon.

    The one thing i've learnt since having my two is accidents happen no matter how careful you are, so try not to feel too bad image
  • That is the first time any of my 4 children have had an accident that needed hospital treatment.
    Although u have have Christine and Robert in years ago with head injuries, when they were knocked unconscious after bumping their heads, but that was just for observation.
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