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Horrible Pregnancy

Hiya All.
First id like to Introduce myself to the Forum. I only joined Yesterday so still trying to work out the ins and outs of it all image
Im Laura, im 23 and a Married Mam to One. Shes 2. I am having my Caesarian on the 14th of July to bring our baby boy into the world. Im so excited, its ALL i can think about.

Has anyone else had a bad Pregnancy? I had minimal Morning sickness, and at around 12/13 weeks i started with god awful pains, ones id never experienced before, i was sure i was miscarrying as id never gone through that ammount of pain. It works out, it was a water infection.. i felt like a fool for panicking so much when it was only a water infection, or so i thought.. I had to go to Hospital and it turned out they were combined with Kidney Infections too, i had to keep going for kidney scans and my right kidney had collapsed and dialated and it had laying fluid there, and my left kidney has a 4cm cyst in it. Ive been in and out of hospital with this as its lead to bad infections and the pains been so bad ive needed morphine injections in my leg. Now im on a constant antibiotic ive to take every night. If i thought things couldnt go worse in my pregnancy.. i am now on crutches as my pelvis has gone out of line, i cant sleep with pain if i move, walking is also extremly painful. I just cant wait to meet my little man and hopefully get back to some normality.

Has anyone else had these problems? They suck!!!!!!!!! x


  • Welcome to the site Laura. You are having a difficult time!
    I had pain across my pelvis and down the inside of my left leg in my last pregnancy, and very bad backache, but no internal infections.
    You must be in so much pain!
    You haven't too much longer to wait, then your symptoms will start to disappear. My pains went gradually within a few weeks of the birth.
    Good luck and let us know how you get on!
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