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am i allergic to lice

well I have been fortunate enough to have only had the lice infestation in our house twice, once was about 3 years ago and currently fighting a losing battle at the minute, both times ive been really really unwell, im riddled i feel with a viral infection and flu like symptoms that just wont go away and on reflection this was the same 3 years ago when we had lice

unfortunately were now onto having to buy an electric comb i think, last werk we used the full marks mousse and lotion between us 3 kids and myself and the nit comb and seemed to do reaonably well in getting rid of the lice but not the eggs, my youngest son endedup getting his head shaved and then this week we used the derbac solution and had it in our heads for 22 hours in total and we washed our hair and went through it with the nit comb to fin between us a good 20 young lice all still alive !!!! my eldest son who had a gorjus head of curls and spent the whole year growing his hair now also is sporting a shaved head my daughter thsnkfull has very fine hair so its easier to work with her hair, me however i have very long and very thick hair argh !!!!!

the thing is however as much as i do other families just dont seem to do anything about it 

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