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Colds and Flu Now The Kids Are Back At School

Why is it that almost every single person I know now has a cold? I'm 24 weeks pregnant and trying my hardest not to catch another cold after two in a row in late Autumn but it seems that now the kids are back at school that they've all brought germs home and pretty much every one at my office is coughing and snotty.  Ug.

I'd love to know what cold and flu remedies worked for other people during pregnancy. I've been trying out some really nice honey and lemon recipes instead of lemsips etc. before I go to bed (very relaxing but not that soothing) but I've also tried out natural salt sprays for a blocked nose such as Sterimar (weird sensation but seemingly effective) and scented tissues (which just make me cough even more!).  It is pretty tough during pregnancy though to find natural ways to avoid the colds that everyone is bringing home.

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