16 month old has rash on side of stomach

hi all,

my 16 month old daughter has suddenly come out with a rash on the sides of her stomach.

it is red with bumps in it. Looks like bites but there’s too many of them spread out I think.

any advice would be great.



  • My son had this I thought a mosquito had been in his room while sleeping and it turned out it was just the heat that had done it I got some piriton and calamine lotion and was gone in a few days


  • Just to add it’s now spread to her back! Pictures below, someone help! image

  • If you’re concerned I would go to the dr 

    have you changed wash powder or anything? Given her something new to eat?

  • Nope not changed anything. I’ll take her to the doctors today. 

  • is the rash moving her body, like coming up in one place, vanishing and then appearing in another place? If so, that means it is viral which means it's likely GP won't treat. Also does it seem itchy? (doesn't look itchy)
    any temperature, other symptoms? 

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