Anyone’s child been diagnosed with diabetes, I need advice!

I’m making an a appointment for daughter tomorrow with the doctors. She’ll be 2 in November and I’m becoming so concerned that she might have diabetes. She has a few symptoms, she drinks loads and I mean an excessive amount and she Wees incredibly a lot, to the point she’s having 3 bottles of drink a night and having her nappy changed 3 times a night but still wetting through it. I thought it was normal the amount she drinks and weed because she’s been doing it for about 5 months but I keep getting people telling me wow she does drink and wee a lot, I just can’t tell if it’s normal or not. She is also hungry a lot and snacks a lot but she doesn’t actually eat a lot. Her poo is always solid even though she drinks so much. She gets tired a lot but she won’t give in because she feels like she’s going to miss out on something. I was just wondering if anyone else has been through something similar and if it turned out not to be diabetes. As they say it usually comes on quickly and she’s been going through this for about 5 months but it is getting worse. Any advice would be great thank you! Erica xo

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