Open heart surgery

My grandson is due to have open heart surgery at Great Ormand Street hospital soon has anyone else been through this


  • Hello Luba. I have not been through exactly this, but my daughter is under Great Ormond Street too and has an issue with her heart - we are waiting on a date for a procedure - it won't be open heart surgery though. I can imagine you are terrified and worried, but all i can say is your grandson is in the best possible place for surgery - it's incredible healthcare there and i have no doubt you really are in the best hands. 
    Good luck x

  • Thank you so much for your reply. My grandson has a cleft on his heart. We were hoping it would be done via key hole surgery but it's not.

    We need to be looking into accommodation too as my daughter wants me to go with her as its so far away. Is that something you'll be looking into?

    Good luck to you as well and thank you for your reply x

  • It's such a stressful time with the worry isn't it? But they really do know what they are doing there. Thankfully we don't need accommodation but i know they have loads of useful information about options for where you can stay - also do check out Airbnb too cause that might be cheaper than a hotel. x

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