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First time mum soo please no hate x

girls I honestly feel like the worst mum ever! My baby's 6months and we've been co sleeping for a while now because he just never settles in his own bed slowly getting there but he wakes in the middle of the night once he's in his own bed to get back into mine. I'm a single parent so I haven't got anyone else in the bed other than me with the baby. His first accident since I've had him, I woke to check on him last night at around 5am and he fell off my bed☹️ He stopped crying once I got hold of him, I checked for any lumps and marks on his head neck ears etc and there was nothing. I was going to keep him awake and give him some calpol but he just wanted to go backcourt to sleep, I was awake for the rest of the night then feeling so bad for what happened. He hasn't been sick or anything and he seems his normal self today. Still no bruising or anything. Please tell me this hasn't only happened to me😩. I've been keeping close eye on him all day and he's been okay I was going to phone docs but considering he's back to his normal self i thought I would just keep an eye on him and see how he goes. 

I honestly haven't stopped feeling terrible all day just keep thinking for the worst☹️


  • Oh Kayleigh, accidents happen! And that's all that has happened. My MIL dropped my baby, my own mother also dropped my baby when she trod on a toy, and i know so many people whose babies have rolled off changing tables, the bed, it happens all the time. You've done nothing wrong! Just be cautious sleeping with your baby in the bed, so they don't overheat or the duvet goes over their face. x
  • Please don’t feel guilty, these things happen and babies are extremely resilient. My little girl fell off the bed a couple of weeks ago and she was fine, a bit upset when it happened of course. She is my third child and it still happened so please don’t worry. I am lucky enough not to be a single parent so all credit to you, you are doing the hardest job in the world all by yourself so be proud of yourself.
    I unfortunately can’t give any advice on your sleeping situation as I have never done co-sleeping but try and remember to tell yourself you are doing a fantastic job even when you feel like you are failing, which you most certainly are not.
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