My 2 year old daughters rash

My daughter has had a rash for 2 weeks now, the doctors could not tell me what is neither can 3 chemists. They said maybe allergy or viral but it doesn’t seem to be clearing up. She is well no temps or anything a runny nose now and then. We have been given her piriton for nearly 2 weeks now which is doing nothing. The doctor thought it could be her way or having chicken pox as someone she had seen 2 weeks before her rash come out in the rash this week. All chemists have said it is nothing like chicken pox. She has a huge rash all down her side which is hot to touch. She has random little spots down her legs and they seem to flare up then go, but the rashnonnher side has stayed and now grouped together which looks on her arm like a burn. Any advice or if anyone has seen anything like this please comment. I will try and add pictures but can’t currently see how.
thank you x


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