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Very worried

Hello ! I'm very worried about my younger girl. a few months ago, she started scratching her pussy at night. said it hurts. then I discovered that everything from there was red and also smelled a little bad. also the butt gap red. the doctor thought it was a fungus and we got treatment, it worked but the redness comes back all the time, now i got a referral from the pediatrician and I also put in the time. time in the new week.
But I'm very worried, because when my older girl was the same age, she put on a little lego vagina. and the doctor then began to accuse me of not taking enough care of my child. I was so traumatized that I even started going to the psychiatrist, thinking that maybe I was really a bad mother. the doctor at the time also said that if I came with a similar concern, the children would be taken away from me. I'm afraid that maybe my little girl really put something in there too. I am 27 years old and love my children with all my heart, and I am also at home, so they are with me all the time.

Ikoon Kogukonna kinnitatud
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