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Covid in toddlers

Hi all
I’m just wondering whether anyone’s little one under the age of 2 has had Covid? 
My sons nursery has had 7 staff test positive in the last week, some of which have been identified as being in close contact with him last week.

I’m so worried he will now get it, risk making us all poorly and also prevent us from having a wider family Christmas for the second year in a row 😭 

I haven’t yet personally heard of any cases of children under 2 having it and do know a few young ones who have been the only ones in the household to escape it…am I being too hopeful?! 

He is 18 months old. I’ve been LFT-ing him and so far they’re all negative 
I know ultimately it’s a waiting game between now and Christmas to see if he gets it…just looking for some signs of hope 😅


  • From what I know, GPs are saying kids are getting it.. BUT I have heard with a few relatives that their children didn’t get it whilst the parents were affected.
    Try not to worry too much, kids have a strong immune system and you know your child best. If he’s not well see a health professional, take care.
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