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Poor Jessica

Jessica has got to have two booster shots a week tomorrow!
I had a letter today to say she is due her mmr, so i phoned the doctors and they are going to do all her shots on the same day!

Poor thing, think i will give her some meds before we go.


  • If its any comfort Simone, Katelin was fine. I was like you and really worried but all was well. She cried at the time but by the time we left she was fine. She had a little lump on the injection site from the mmr , that was all.
    Be brave
  • Hi Simone,

    I know it sounds like a lot for them to cope with but try not to worry. I did like you have planned, I gave Charl some Calpol 15 mins before I left for the Dr's so it was working in her system when she had the injections. From what i remember she just had a long nap that day and didn't react to the injection at all over the following weeks.

    Zoe xx
  • Hi Simone,
    I know its worrying, and i felt exactly the same, but try not to worry too much. when Niamh had it, she didnt react at all apart from a small lump if i remember rightly.
    Hope all goes ok
    Kas xx
  • Calpol before you go should really help, and some later on in the day too, hope it goes well love jd_mummy xx
  • Im going to try not to think about it, as the more i do, the more i worry!
  • I know there is a chance of her being poorly with it, i will just have to keep my fingers crossed.
  • Hi there,

    Jack also had a reaction and got mild measles, however Charl had nothing but a temperature. None of my friends children reacted like that but they were just niggly. Try not to worry.
  • Well Jessica had her injections today, it was my HV giving them and she would only do the Booster shots and to give mmr in January, i went with what she recommended as i trust her.
    Jessica screamed for a few secs, but had been fine for the rest of the day xx
  • Thats good then. Hope she's ok and has no reaction.I'm sure she'll be ok.
    Just prolonging the agony for you, now that she will have her MMR in Jan.
  • I know, half of me did want her to have it today to get it out the way!
    I had my injection too and i didn't cry!
  • Hi Simone,

    I'm glad Jessica has been ok for you. It's a worry off your mind.

    You were a good girl too!!

    Zoe xx
  • Glad it all went well and Jessica seems fine.

    Well done both of you for being brave girls
  • I'm really pleased that Jessica's jabs went ok.

    I don't know what would be worse, getting them done all at once or waiting another month for the next one.
  • you both deserve stickers for bravery.I dont mind injections but hated taking riley
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